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Quinoa Nutritions

Diabetes mellitus, commonly known as Diabetes is a group of diseases that results in high blood sugar levels or high blood glucose. It is caused by inadequate insulin production or if the cells in the body do not respond to insulin in a manner it is supposed to. It is a debilitating and chronic disease posing life threatening complications in many cases. Diabetes to a great majority of people is something that you live with for years. It is a challenge to many patients and a greater challenge to family members. This condition dictates a strict lifestyle and even stricter diet. People with diabetes are to consume foods with low glycemic index so that the diet won’t cause a spike in blood sugar. “Quinoa healthy atta has low glycemic index that will aid in maintaining an even blood sugar.”

Though Quinoa is relatively new to Indian markets, South Americans have been using quinoa for years in their diets. Quinoa cultivation and consumption is believed to date back to the Inca Civilization. There are over 120 varieties of quinoa. That said, the easily available ones are white, black and red quinoa.

Add quinoa healthy atta to your daily roti needs. It is fuelled with an apt balance of proteins, fibres, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Quinoa Healthy atta has a full range of amino acids in it and is hence called a complete protein. It also is rich in fibres which means, Quinoa healthy atta is particularly beneficial for people with diabetes.

A cup of cooked quinoa healthy atta has 360 calories, 69 grams of carbohydrates, Protein 13 grams, Thiamin 20%, Riboflavin 13%, Calcium 10%, Iron 60%. With these nutrients, quinoa healthy atta can be easily called the “daily power house for Indian diet”.


If you are not sure of how quinoa healthy atta will fit into your meal plan, a dietician can help. The quinoa healthy atta from Quinoa Nutritions is processed from natural farming methods and hence one need not worry about harmful pesticide residues or chemical preservatives while including in the diet plan.


How to prepare healthy rotis using Quinoa Healthy Atta?


Quinoa Healthy Atta is easy to cook and has an amazing flavour. It can be used to prepare chapathi/ roti. Rotis made using Quinoa Healthy Atta are soft and tastes just delicious. Here are some quick steps to prepare some soft and tasty Quinoa Healthy Atta rotis.


  • 400g Quinoa Healthy Atta
  • 1 tablespoon melted butter or ghee
  • Half teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • Half cup Quinoa Healthy Atta for dusting the work surface
  • 250ml hot water

Cooking Directions ( A brief extract from How to make soft roti. Click Here to visit the site.)

  1. Add 350g flour into a bowl. Add the oil. Add the hot water. Mix with a tablespoon since the dough will be quite hot with the boiling water.
  2. 14 grams proteins
  3. Take some of the remaining flour and dust the worktop. Remove the dough from your dish then place on the work top. If it is sticky then add a little flour until it is soft and manageable. Knead the dough until a soft pliable dough is formed. This could take up to 5 minutes...keep kneading the dough until a soft dough forms. Like most breads the key to soft bread is a dough that is well kneaded!
  4. Once a soft dough is achieved. Cover the dough with a dishcloth or with your mixing bowl turned over it. Let the dough rest for about 5 minutes while you prepare the butter and heat the pan. I leave the pan on low heat while I am rolling the rotis then turn up to high heat a minute or two prior to cooking the rotis.
  5. Melt the butter then return to the dough. Break off a small piece of about 8cm diameter then roll into a large circle shape. Take the melted butter or ghee then spread over the circle shaped dough.
  6. Then roll the dough like a Swiss roll. Roll inward toward you. Once you have formed a snake-like shape then cut into even pieces.
  7. Take one of the cut pieces, stand upright then press down with your hand this will create a circle when flattened. Dust your hands with flour then work this small circle into a round shape then place onto work top and roll into a flat round disc. Make sure the roti is rolled as flat as possible. Thick rotis take longer to cook and are often too heavy to rise resulting in uncooked tasteless roti.
  8. Amma used to roll about 10 roti before she cooked or if she enlisted one of my siblings or me to help cook the roti then she would just do the rolling then move on to cooking the Sugar Beans Curry. Take care to overlap the roti so they don't stick to each other. I prefer to roll all rotis then cook them.
  9. To cook your soft roti simply place on the hot preheated pan (the pan should be hot) .The cooking process for each roti should be 1 minute. Allow the roti to cook for a 5-10 seconds before turning it over. On the second side allow to cook for a little longer, pressing the sides with your fingers to ensure that it cooks.
  10. Once the roti rises or you see bubbles form turn the roti. Careful not to burn your fingers as this can be quite hot, use a spatula if you like.
  11. Once you see the dough rise up forming bubbles then turn the dough over allowing the dough to rise once more. Once you have golden brown spots then the roti is cooked. Remove from stove then repeat this process for all remaining roti. Once all are cooked cover with a piece of paper towel or dishcloth, this will keep the moisture in keeping roti soft until you are ready to serve them.


(A brief extract from How to make soft roti. Click Here to visit the site.)

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