Quinoa Slim Fit Atta for a Slimmer and Healthy you

Quinoa Nutritions

Why do you eat more? Well obviously because you are hungry. But do you know why you are hungry always? It’s a mix of physiological and psychological feeling. You are not satisfied with the quantity and quality of food you just had. Hunger is Physiological because of a hormone, ghrelin, triggered by brain and Psychological because, various stimuli like smell, color, a happy or enticing memory, or even depression. Technicalities aside, ultimately it is your brain that makes you feel hungry. But, why is that you are more hungry but your friend is not, even though you ate almost equal quantities? “Metabolic rate” is the culprit you should blame for your elevated hunger needs. Then how will you get slimmer? Skipping Meals? A BIG NO. We say, trick your brain into believing that you have had your quota of what is needed. Eat the right foods and stay fit. Quinoa Slim Fit Atta would be a great way to start with.

Quinoa is being called as a “Superfood” and would be an important component of your diet if you intend to lose weight and be fit without compromising on either of these. Fiona Hunter, an expert nutritionist has said that Quinoa has twice as much protein as rice and it will be a great choice for anyone planning to shed some weight as protein rich foods triggers a sensation of fullness quicker and hence keep a tap on the food you eat.

Quinoa Slim-Fit Atta is rich in Iron and Vitamin B12, that are essential for energy production and optimize your food intake. It is also rich in phosphorous, calcium and Vitamin E.

Quinoa Slim Fit Atta is also rich in dietary fiber and proteins. Consuming food prepared using this will make you feel full fast and prevent you from over-eating. The dietary fiber in Quinoa Slim Fit Atta will bind to cholesterol and fat thereby reducing excess fat and cholesterol absorption by your body. Quinoa Slim Fit Atta is an important substitute for Protein rich meats for Veggies.

You crave for sweets because your blood sugar level may be unbalanced. You eat more to cater to your craving and all efforts of staying slim hits the drain. Quinoa Slim Fit Atta, being nutrient rich, has Low Glycemic Index. This lowers the Blood Sugar levels and reduces Body Weight in a healthy manner.

Food prepared from Quinoa Slim Fit Atta is moderate in calories. Have a quick look at the Nutrient Value of 25 g food serving from this chart.

Daily Value *

Regular Atta

Organic Atta

Quinoa Slim-Fit Atta

















Serving one Roti (25g) made of different Atta’s

  • 0% Cholesterol
  • Rich in Vitamin ‘B6’
  • Rich in Minerals
  • Rich in Dietary Fiber
  • Very High Protein


You never need to worry about overeating with Quinoa Slim Fit Atta.

Stay Slim, Stay Fit and be Healthy with Quinoa Slim Fit Atta